Sunday , March 24 2019

Uffe Frank: Hyderabad had Chosen Me

Danish fashion designer Uffe Frank is beginning his eponymous gathering in the Hyderabad city.


Uffe Frank, the famous Danish designer recognized for making the iconic bridal dress for the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in the year 2004, is in the Hyderabad city to exhibit his outstanding collection of garments at the Complete Life Style Presentation. Offering us a grand glimpse into how his trip into the fashion world initiated, Uffe Frank says, “I had grown up along with four sisters, so it has been so easy for me to recognize women taste. I knew exactly what females want to have and what they don’t, in terms of dressing style.”

This understanding had cheered him to join a Fashion designing school in Denmark and after that he joined in Royal College of Art in London. Uffe Frank finally initiated working with fashion design houses in the European Countries. This is Frank’s first exhibition in our Country and he has a motive to be here. “India is well-known for its opulent culture and even heritage and I totally love Indian fashion. I have seen a lot of opportunities in Hyderabad when compared to other cities. Really, it was Hyderabad that had chosen me,” he says, by adding, “I had spent almost 25 years in Italy and sense there are numerous common things between Italy and India.”

Uffe Frank has most important plans for Indian marketplace. He also wishes to work with Tollywood and Bollywood, and his individual favorite is Deepika Padukone! “I love how females in India dress up. I am very much interested to know more about the taste of Indian women and begin to work on my innovative concepts. I am using cotton, silk and linen to carry out exhilarating designs,” he told. On Hyderabad, he says, “I haven’t travel around the city much but I have read about its inheritance. I would like to official visit all the forts and tombs. And yes, Hyderabadi biriyani was marvelous.”

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