Tuesday , March 19 2019

Uber India apologises to Riders and drivers

Uber India apologises to users, drivers for for disruption of services over the last few days but says drivers earn Rs 2,500 for 6-hour workday.

Uber Technologies an online transportation network company which develops, markets and operates its software application, which allows the users to request for car transport or food delivery via the Uber mobile website or mobile app. It hires drivers for delivering food or for transporting the passengers and pays the wages to them.


From the last few weeks, there has been distress by drivers of Uber, particularly on issues like fall in incomes and incentives offered to them. Amit Jain President of Uber India said in a Blogpost .”Small numbers of individuals, who do not represent the majority of the driver community, have been preventing drivers who want to work from doing so.”

He also stated that Uber is communicating with drivers through phone, video and text messages and in person at its greenlight centers, where drivers walk in to resolve their concerns.

Uber drivers continue their strike in Bengaluru over fall in their incomes and incentives, Uber India has apologised to both riders and drivers for the interference of services over the last few days. In a blog post on Friday Uber India President Amit Jain said, “We are sorry for the disruption experienced by both riders and drivers over the last few weeks. It has been a tough time, and we are glad for the support we have received from riders and drivers.”

Allaying fears that drivers’ incentives are falling down, Jain said 80% of Uber drivers across the country, who are online and work for more than six hours a day, earn between R1,500 and R2,500 net, after Uber’s service fee.

Jain said Highlighting that driving using the App is very different from other drivers working a private driver/taxi driver. Individual driver’s earnings vary widely depending on where, when and how much they chose to drive.

“The future of company depends on making driving with Uber the most attractive choice. In three years the business has grown in India, we are seeing sustainable earning opportunities for driver partners and sustained interest in driving with Uber, and sign ups a 60% year-on-year increase for the drivers in January 2017,” Amit said.

“Without drivers,the company  can’t serve riders or cities the way we want to, so we need to ensure at all times that the app is the most fulfilling option for them to choose,” he said.

The business can be grown only if they give affordable prices to Users. Drivers need to know when to switch on the app because there will always be users who are looking for a ride.

Higher levels of incentives will be condensed as the company will invest more in drivers and products for the long-term Basis. This is possible with sustained high demand from both riders and drivers, he added.


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