Friday , December 14 2018

Two Handy Features Released in Canada, Double-Tap & Raise-To-Wake Moves: Google Pixel, Pixel XL new updates and news


Google Pixel XL and Pixel have at present released its new update together with extra features that might come in handy. The new feature contains the double-tap and the raise-to-wake features that were released for Canadian customers on Thursday.

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The 1st feature, double-tap, feature in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL can instantly shows notifications and alert when you double tap 2 fingers tips on the screen according to The Droid-life. The 2nd feature is the raise-to-wake feature that permits customers to verify the notifications instantly when they handle the Mobile.

The Customers can specify features once they have downloaded the update. The settings can be establish in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL by going to Settings menu and just select the Move Tab.Then switch on the “Double-tap to check” or “Lift to check phone” by sliding the blue button to the right on top of each choice.

Google Pixel XL and Pixel update is offered for models with build number NPF26J and it can be downloaded for a 261-MB-file size. There are still no declarations whether this update will be obtainable soon in the US or other parts of the world using the Google Pixel Mobiles.

The newest feature of Google Pixel XL and Pixel is also obtainable for Google products like the Nexus 6P but one of its contestants Apple has also announced the raise-to-wake feature in their iOS 10 according to Polygon. Both Google Mobiles are completed to be the best Android smart mobile as a direct option next to Apple’s newest iPhones.

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