Tuesday , April 23 2019

TV Might Kill Creativity in Kids

TV is the most common Electronic appliance in every individual home. Over time if kids are less innovative in their play, this could adversely influence their development.


London: Kids who spend about just 15 minutes or more a day in watching TV (television) might become less creative when compared to those children who read books or resolve jigsaw puzzles, a new investigation has cautioned.

Watching TV regularly for shorter periods does not influence on the number of creative ideas that small children come up, investigators said.

Conversely the research, steered with 60 kids of 3 years of age at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom, has observed that 15 minutes of children’s television provisionally decreases the innovation of the ideas they come up with.

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“Looking at the instant impact of television on kids’ creativity,” told psychology professor Dr Sarah Rose, who held the study. “We linked children who viewed slow and fast paced daily episodes of Postman Pat with kids who were left to spend time with books and jigsaws. We then tested the kids for the numbers of original ideas and the innovation of those ideas,” Rose told.

“Though there was very little influence of TV on the number of creative ideas caused, there was perfect evidence that the kids came up with less original ideas instantly after watching television though these effects appeared to disappear after a short span of time.

“There is a confidence that the more slow-paced programs are more instructive but our findings do not sustain this,” Rose stated.

“Over time if kids are less creative in their play, this could depressingly impact their growth,” Rose said.

The fresh research is possibly useful to creators of kids’ television, initial years’ parents and educators as little study has been passed out on the growth effects of television on small children, investigators said.

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