Tuesday , March 26 2019

TSRTC to install GPS based on-board info system

TSRTC to install GPS based on-board info system

TSRTC has made an agreement with the the French-based firm “Lumiplan” for developing Smart Transport System in the state.

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has entered into a contract with the French-based firm “Lumiplan” for implementing the Smart transport system in the state by installing the GPS tracking and by setting the advanced on-board electronic equipment in the RTC buses.

The new Smart Transport system will send the real-time information of the Buses through the SMS service to the passengers and the cooperation will monitor all the operations of the RTC buses.

The officials said that the Project requires Rs 20 crore and it was finalized by the French based company. According to the information from the senior officials, the company uses the technology to inform the passengers about the arrival of the buses through the multimedia screens at the bus stations, Multimodal smartphone app and by using Solar LED display boards.

The RTC will provide all the required infrastructure facilities about the depots and the central locations and it is the responsibility of the French company Lumiplan, to maintain it.

During the Project, the TSRTC provides a team of five people from the traffic department including a project manager along with the Internet, computers and transport facilities in order to visit the sites of depots, bus stations etc. Moreover, it will also provide the minimum facilities to the team like vehicles, office space, and access to the depots etc.

The TSRTC is not responsible if the pilot project was not satisfactory and there would be no commitment or Liability from the TSRTC side and it will not involve in the cost. In case of success of the project, the company will provide the experts to design the products for full implementation in the corporation.

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Initially, the electronic equipment will be provided to around 40 vehicles of RTC and the routes of the bus numbers are 115C, 113K/L, 115BV, 115ZP, 113 M/W and 115 (Koti-Uppal), these bus routes have been selected for the project. The implementation period is for nine months, under the Phase –I which includes four months initialization, technical specification and customization and deployment plan. In the Phase- II which includes four months installation, configuration, demonstration and training and in the Phase-III there would be the final reporting and deployment of the Project to the TSRTC management.

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