Monday , March 18 2019

TS to bring in legislation on quota threshold for Backward Classes

Backward Classes panel members called on the CM at his camp office in Hyderabad.

Backward Classes panel members called on the CM at his camp office

The TS government plans to bring in legislation to increase reservations for Backward Classes and others in the state of Telangana. CM Chandrasekhar Rao told newly nominated BC Commission chairman BS. Ramulu and members that the state would follow the Tamil Nadu model which passed legislation increasing total reservations to 69 per cent in tune with the populace and sent it to the Centre for approval as report say’s.

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BC panel memberships called on the Chief Minister at his camp office on Thursday and at present Telangana has 50 per cent registration for BC and SC, STs here limit arranged by the Supreme Court of India, includes 29 per cent for BCs, including 4 per cent for Muslims under BC E quota and 15 per cent for SCs and 6 per cent for ST as mentioned.

CM Rao assured to increase misgivings for Muslims and STs to 12 per cent each and which will take the general quota to 64% which is not allowable as per the SC.

We want Below Poverty Line folks in the state to become Above Poverty Line, as said the BC commission should cautiously study the socioeconomic state and give recommendations to the govt in this honor and we will bring in a special Act on the lines of TN to increase reservations Mr Rao said to report.

And also he said Telangana has over 80 per cent BCs and their active surroundings have to be improved Reservations should be bigger, here the Tamil Nadu government increased difficulties as per the inhabitants. And Parliament too appropriate it and included in the 9th Timetable. Same should happen in Telangana state, we will persuade the Centre and increase reservations.

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