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TS excise department bending liquor rules

Many claim excise secret rules made to benefit

TS excise department bending liquor rules
Many claim excise secret rules made to benefit

TS Secret orders issued by excise department authorizing  elite liquor outlets to sell distant liquor brands besides premium Indian liquor makes, has turned contentious. Current liquor shop owners have cried foul over these orders alleging that they were issued to give undue advantage to certain individuals at the cost of normal liquor shops. They said that excise officials had shown favoritism towards elite liquor outlets by liberalising several norms and alleged huge corruption in this contract. Wanted the government toward order an inquiry to bring out the facts behind.

Excise department had issued GO Ms No.271 dated 26-10-2016 informing the rules for setting up elite liquor openings. Though the GO was not published and kept a clandestine, the government normally uploads all GOs on its website, it doesn’t want to disclose the contents of GO it categorises it as intimate but still uploads the GO as per the report.

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The excise department had not uploaded the GO on the website, liquor shop dealers say this was done only to cover up their shady contracts. As say though there is a difference of only Rs 25 lakh in licence fee between elite store and normal supply, numerous exemptions are given to elite supplies.

They pay Rs 1.10 crore fee while they pay Rs 1.25 crore, but we cannot sell even water, allowed to sell everything, our shop timings are from 11 am to 10 pm while for them 11 am to 12:00 midnight was motionless, their licence period is for five years while ours is two a month of Sundays. Examples are enough to show how officials favoured certain persons. And will writhe huge losses if the administration permits them in our places, say liquor shop proprietor, they say for any amendment to excise rules cabinet approval is a must, in this case no cabinet approval was taken and the administration too was kept in the shady.

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