Tuesday , March 26 2019

Tollywood is Eyeing Multilinguals

Tollywood directors and actors are approaching with multilingual movies as foraying into other languages aids to get more profits.


Releasing a picture in numerous languages is the newest trend in Tollywood, with several filmmakers now releasing their movies in Hindi, Tamil and other languages.

Take for example, the new film Ghazi, which also out in both Hindi and Tamil. It not only come across the prospects, but also got the budget. Baahubali was the pacesetter for Telugu movies as it released in many languages and became immensely successful. One of the priciest movies made in India, Baahubali, moreover, recovered its cash since of its multi-language release.

“When I had learnt about the story of Ghazi, I instantly told the film makers that it won’t work out if it is done in Telugu only. It’s an India-Pakistan war scripted with a national appeal, so we thought to make it in other languages also,” speaks Rana Daggubati, who featured as the lead in the picture.

So they had roped in Hindi actors for the movie and had shot both versions distinctly. The movie became a huge success and was esteemed by audience all over India. “If a picture is fruitful, then more filmmakers will come out with scripts that outfit all languages. My next movie also has a war background and it’s a Telugu-Tamil bilingual,” says Rana.

Yet untitled Mahesh Babu-Murugadoss movie is also a bilingual, getting released in both Tamil and Telugu. “Though making a multi-language movie, you need a superstar who is also recognized in other industries. You should have a universal content where you can make the movie with amazing visuals. The filmmakers need to expend their money on the visuals and the fertility of the movie. Your picture is going to be something new when associated to the local star movies,” says producer Tagore Madhu.

Rajinikanth’s impending movie 2.0 is releasing in numerous languages and Akshay Kumar has been roped in as the anti-hero to appeal Hindi viewers. The movie’s satellite rights have been vended for closely Rs 110 crore. Pictures of Tamil actors like Suriya, Kamal Haasan, Karthi and Vikram amid others have also done great business in Telugu industry.

The future Prabhas movie that is being made by Sujeeth is also a high-budget movie and the film makers have roped in numerous Hindi actors for it. “They are spending closely Rs 25 crore on the action episodes,” says a representative.

Not only high budget movies, but even small movies like Sundeep Kishan’s untitled next movie, directed by Suseenthiran is being done in both Telugu and Tamil. Manchu Vishnu’s future movie Voter is also a bilingual, releasing in both the languages.

With numerous multilingual movies, Tollywood is widening its market and getting out to other parts of India. This will allow filmmakers to not only get the business but will also aid to concentrate on inventive subjects that are more interesting than local movies.


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