Friday , December 14 2018

Tollywood drug case: Ravi Teja reveals some, hides some

Ravi Teja grilled for about 9 hours; denies taking drugs, but rejects to give blood, nail and hair samples.


Hyderabad: On Friday, the Special Investigation Team fenced hero Ravi Teja for about 9 hours and stated it had got certain leads on the contacts of drug peddlers with the movie industry. The actor declined to give hair, blood, and nail samples for laboratory trials to start or negate drug intake.

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A representative in the SIT stated that Ravi Teja had visited Abkari Bhavan after making himself with his answers. “He declined to answer several questions and sturdily opposed queries on his part in drug intake,” stated a SIT representative.

Speaking about the hints gotten from Ravi Teja’s inquiring, the SIT guy said, “He granted that drugs were very common in rant parties in the movie industry but did not say who was taking drugs and who was organizing the gatherings.”

Requested by his association with Puri Jagannadh’s crew, Ravi Teja stated he had acted in a number of movies of the director and stated he was a friend.

Once the SIT inquired about his brother Bharat, who had been jammed in a drug case previously along with one more brother Raghu, he responded strongly stating that he had recommended that they enroll in de-addiction surgeries. He deprived of that his brothers presented him to drugs; he said he had never taken drugs.

Following the probing, director Ram Gopal Varma tweeted: ‘After Ravi Teja quizzical, even if the real peddlers and providers are not questioned from tomorrow by SIT, the media nor the communal will give about 5 minutes of their time for that. That is because this complete noise was never ever to do with distress about drugs but it’s to do with amusing everyone by putting celebrities in embarrassing states.’(sic)

The SIT also interrogated Syed Younus, a bouncer at a pub in Hyderabad and got main clues on all parties and ‘secret rooms with services’, a prevalent option given. The SIT also interrogated a ganja smuggler Taubeer Ahmed on this Friday.

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