Monday , February 18 2019

Tollywood- Bowled over by the baddies

Tollywood is out to deliver some stiff competition to the heroes of their movies with a new breed of villains.


No Telugu movie is ever finishing without a villain. Though earlier movies had scary eyeing meanies, who coiled their moustaches as they brutally committed crimes, these days’ villains are evil intellects, and those are polished, intelligent and cunning, with such charm that they leave you muddled as to whether you love or hate them.

Whether it is Tarun Arora in Khaidi No. 150, Arvind Swamy in Dhruva, Aadi Pinisetty in Sarrainodu, Kabir Duhan Singh in a series of movies or Jagapathi Babu in Ism, these people might not have the best intents but are assured giving the heroes tough rivalry in terms of their appearances, style and body.

“These roles are more an echo of the present times. We have a whole corporate wave in the nation and so, it makes total sense to design the characters in such a way. Persons will also be capable to relate to it,” speaks actor Tarun Arora. So, are roles being designed in a more genuine fashion as contrasting to the cinematic villain the viewers has been treated to for so long?

“Certainly,” says director Anil Ravipudi, saying, “I consider this realism that is being depicted is exclusively because of the alteration in the way writers are thinking.” Then how does one depict these good-looking guys as baddies? “My role in Dhruva was intended to make people feel ruthless for me. It was deliberately structured in such a way that he doesn’t drink alcohol or do any of the doings which are normally associated with a baddie, which makes him affable. This cause of likeability makes it hard for viewers to believe that he is the bad character,” says Arvind Swamy.

“It’s perhaps a play on the viewer’s mind. ‘Is it likely to have somebody like this being a bad guy?’ is what they consider,” he says, saying that this characterization aids to elevate the hero. “Imagine an influential man. Very strong and almost invincible. It says to the complete elevation of the hero,” Tarun speaks.

Nakkina Trinadha Rao, who has moored in Naveen Chandra as a role with grey shades in his movie Nenu Local says, “The impression is to not let the watcher know till the end as to what could occur. Of course, the hero always gets an advantage, but there should be no gamble left to let the spectators think otherwise,” he speaks.


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