Sunday , March 24 2019

Today verdict on allocations of Krishna waters

Panel to take a call on review of water allocation on Krishna waters today.

Panel to take a call on review of water allocation on Krishna waters today.

Justice Brijesh Kumar Tribunal will deliver its decision on today on whether fresh allocations of Krishna waters will be taken up only for Telangana state and Andhra Pradesh or for all the four riparian states including Maharashtra and Karnataka state.

The tribunal had allocated 1,004 tmc feet water of the Krishna river between 3 states Karnataka and Maharashtra united AP in 2013 year. Central government though stretched the term of the tribunal during the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state as it had to allocate water amid the remaining state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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Founding on its choice on the argumentative matter the tribunal will continue the hearing distance. Though AP and TS have argued for overall review of the award Maharashtra and Karnataka had struggled that the AP Reorganization Act is to be interpreted only for AP and Telangana state.

Though the tribunal took over two years merely to decide on the methodology to be accepted, separating the water already allocated to united between and residual AP and Telangana, assessment the water distribution for all the Krishna riparian. In this issue irrespective of the tribunal decision and it appears that states may move the Supreme Court if the court decision goes touching their attention.

Telangana government had also filed a plea before the apex court in 2014 looking for a total appraisal of the award, it demanded that it did not get fairness in the Krishna river water scattering, here apex court had previously stayed the announcement of the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal’s 2013 order by the Central govt on a plea from the united AP government, and until the notification of the order the distributions made by the Bachawat Tribunal will endure.

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