Monday , March 25 2019

Tirupati: Buyers fume over high crackers cost

No bargaining on the rates, say sellers in Tirupati.


TIRUPATI: Individuals going to purchase crackers in Tirupati and Nellore feel the tweak with the mounting charges. Yet the district administration has given licences to retail them in Chittoor district, few people are selling crackers without the licence. Buyers express that the rates have risen steeply when compared to previous year. The sellers also confess that the charges have gone up a bit but it is from the flank of wholesale.

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A small packet of green bombs is being traded for `500. The sellers are saying there would be no negotiating on the rates fixed by the firms. K. Subramanyam, a vendor from Nellore, said, “The charges are fixed by the manufacturing firms. We are vending them at a very low verge compared to last year. Forget about the benefit, I am bothered whether my investment would be repaid or not.”

Keerthana, a purchaser from Nellore, stated, “Crackers are very important for Diwali. They are essential if there are children in the house. But we are enforced to spend a bag full of cash to purchase a pocket full of Diwali crackers. The charges were high in the last year but they have risen steeply this year.” P. Naresh Kumar, a purchaser from Tirupati, said, “Whom should I complain regarding prices? No department concerns about the prices of crackers. Vendors behave indecently with customers if they are questioned about the high charges. Diwali is destined to light crackers but not us.” Certain people manage to sell crackers illicitly in the city without an appropriate licence. Officials carefully check the licences. But, they incline to overlook the small sellers who are not taking appropriate precautions.

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