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Tirupati: 9-day annual fest of Goddess Padmavati begins

The 9 day spiritual Karthika Brahmotsavam of Goddess Padmavati in Tirupati is off to a colorful start in Tiruchanoor on this Wednesday.


TIRUPATI: The 9 day spiritual Karthika Brahmotsavam of Goddess Padmavati is off to a colorful jerk in Tiruchanoor on this Wednesday with Gajadhwajarohana Mahotsavam. After executing a series of rites as per the creeds of Pancharatra Agama, the Dhwaja Patam having the image of Gaja Vahanam was erected on the temple pillar mast among chanting of Vedic chants by Vedic pundits and archakas.

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Far ahead, to mollify and invoke the blessings of Goddess and other divinities various ragas were embraced as per the tradition including Mayamalavagowla, Kousika, Gandhara, Punnagavarali, Sri Ragam, Bhupalam, Devagandhari, Sourastra etc. On behalf of Andhra Pradesh government, industries minister Amarnath Reddy given pattu vastrams to Goddess Padmavati Devi at Tiruchanoor in the evening on the initial day of Brahmotsavam.

He was conferred warm welcome by Tirupati JEO Pola Bhaskar along with the temple special grade deputy executive officer Munirathnam Reddy. Moreover, the minister has carried the vastrams over his head with the Vedic pundits chanting Veda mantras and has given a traditional welcome to the dignitary. After that, the minister had darshan of Goddess Padmavati Devi. The temple administrators presented him with the prasadams of Goddess.

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