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Best Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss can distress both men and women.


Though genes play a vibrant role, there are typically other motives as well, counting, hormonal imbalances, thyroid imbalances, nutritional deficits and inadequate blood circulation in the scalp. There is more number of reasons behind this hair fall problem. Follow these home remedies to stop hair loss naturally. If you want certainly hair regrowth, then try these homemade tips for long hair and healthy hair.

Fenugreek Seeds

The most effective home remedy to control hair fall is making use of Fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek is rich in hormone antecedents that assist in hair growth and cares hair follicles. They contain nicotinic acid and proteins that reinforce the hair shafts and lifts hair growth.

Soak the handful of fenugreek seeds in water complete night and grind it to a fine paste. Apply this paste to hairs and scalp and let it dry for 30 minutes to one hour, casing your hairs with a shower cap. Rinse off with normal water, no need of using a cleanser or shampoo. Follow this process at least twice a week for a month to see active results.

Aloe vera

These days, extreme hair fall has become so common due to heavy pollution. You can make use of Aloe Vera as another active home remedy for hair loss and fast hair growth. Uses of Aloe Vera can efficiently reduce scalp problems like itching and flaking. The alkaline nature of Aloe Vera aids in restoring the natural pH level of the scalp which stimulates hair growth. Aloe Vera gel can be good for eliminating dandruff.

Take a leaf of Aloe Vera, take out the pulp and apply it to the complete scalp and hairs. After 45 minutes, wash it off with plenty of normal water.

Onion Juice

If you are suffering from heavy hair loss, here is the most operative home remedy for regulating hair loss and enhancing hair growth. The onion can really do miracles for your hairs. The great sulfur content of onions is capable to progress blood circulation to the hair follicles. Onion juice consists of anti-bacterial properties that can kill the germs. Make fresh onion juice by crushing an onion and squeezing out the juice. Put on it onto the scalp and leave it on for half an hour. Lastly, wash off with a mild cleanser and water.

Hot oil massage

Hot oil massage can be very operational tips for hair loss. Massage the scalp every day at least for a few minutes with lukewarm oil. You can make use of any oil that is opulent in Vitamin E.  Almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil and jojoba oil are the finest options in your hand. If you are getting hair loss due to dandruff, jojooba oil can be predominantly active. Heat the oil lightly and massage your scalp with the oil. To get the comprehensive profits of hot oil, leave the oil on your hairs complete night and then wash off in the morning.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk comprises of good amount of fats and proteins. It endorses hair regrowth and regulates hair loss. For fast results apply the coconut milk to the scalp and hair follicles. Grind the coconut in a mixer and extract the milk from this paste and apply the milk straight to the scalp. Leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes shampoo the hair later. It stops hair thinning and supports hair regrowth.

Egg white

Egg white is rich in vitamins and proteins. It can nurture the hairs in the best way, endorsing smooth and shiny hair. If you need long and strong hair just break some eggs, recall not to use the yolk. Gather only the egg white and smear it as a mask to the scalp and hairs. This egg white treatment is very active to control hair fall and repairs thee dryness of the hairs. Wash it off with a mild shampoo after 30 minutes. Repeat this hair loss cure once in a week to lessen hair fall and increase hair growth.

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