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Thirty foreign delegations take part in Fintech | Visakhapatnam

Thirty foreign delegations take part in Fintech
Nearly 150 startups will compete in 4 challenges

Nearly 150 startups will compete in 4 challenges in Fintech Andhra Pradesh state.

Visakhapatnam two day’s Fintech Spring Conference in the run up to the Global Summit with 1 million dollar award for the best startup commenced in the city.  Here in Fintech the conference witnessed over 150 startups competing in four Fintech Challenges of which fourty per cent participants were from 15 countries around the world. Here nearly 30 international delegations from Switzerland, Japan Singapore and also participated in the event which is held in Visakhapatnam city.

In two day’s conference includes panel discussions related to scope in the field of financial technologies struggle among the startups having best solutions for problems being faced in financial world as per the report from officials.

Fintech event in Visakhapatnam:

Here, to accelerate the evolution of Fintech Valley the Andhra Pradesh government will conduct the flagship Global Fintech Summit on February 19th and 20th from next year which will give an opportunity to participate in the 1 million dollar global fintech award challenge and the 1crore Indian award challenge in the event.

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AP CM speaks through video conference for fintech:

As CM said, ofering full support to organisations, facilitators and incubators for startups, attractive anyone with disruptive ideas to be a part of Fintech Valley as news in the edge of novelty AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu interacted with delegates for an hour through video conference and took inputs from the fintech community at the conference in Visakhapatnam.

Speaking in the event he said, in the event Spring Conference is our step in join the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is a remarkable combination of technology and Internet of Things. Here, in recent times technology has started influencing our lives in a complete manner. The demand for Fintech is growing each day and to meet this demand we would need the support from Fintech and Cyber security companies and we also need the academic institutions to adapt curriculum that trains individuals to donate to fintech segment.

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