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Things to Look in a Domain Registrar

All domain registrars serve the similar basic function that they empower you to register domain names ending, .org or .club.


Below let us have a look at four things that needed to be taken care while you are planning to register a domain

  1. Security

Domain theft is lush. Dishonest people will definitely try to hack your registrar account or hold control of your email address. Then they can hijack domain names and move them to other domain registrars. When you find out, it can be so late to acquire your domain name back.

That is why security should be the initial thing you need to look for when choosing a domain name registration company. Some registration companies have good reputes for security whereas others are known as domain crooks’ best friends.

A prominent security feature to look in for is two-factor authentication. The most well-known domain registration firm, Namecheap provides two-factor authentication as a free account aspect.

When two-factor authentication is enabled, Namecheap will direct a secondary password to your phone when you make use of your account. This means that a thief who crams your account password won’t be capable to log into your WordPress account lest they have your mobile phone.

  1. Price

Pricing is a significant consideration when it comes to registering (and renewing) your domains, particularly if you have a lot of them. Prices are typically easy to compare amid registrars.

Even consider how much the domain registrar prices for add-on features such as whois privacy that can save you from getting robocalled and spammed all the day long.

Namecheap provides free WhoisGuard on maximum new domains and transferred domains, with low-cost renewals.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support is somewhat a lot of persons don’t take seriously till they really need it.

It can be so difficult to figure out how good a business’s support is before you purchase its service. Namecheap conceits itself on its customer support, and provides both online ticketing system and live chat support.

  1. Account Management

Having support close is beneficial, but a lot of times you can evade taking extra help if the firm does a good job in designing its interface.

Namecheap provides a central Dashboard to manage domains, web hosting, and other services, making it simple to check renewal dates and buying new products.


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