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Thiagarajan plays a political role in Yeman

Though acting offers have been pouring in, Thiagarajan says he is not keen unless theMovie demands him for the character.


Thiagarajan is an Indian actor, director, and producer of Tamil movies is playing a vital role in Vijay Antony Yeman movie directed by Jeeva Sankar of Naan fame. In the film, Thiagarajan role was all about a powerful politician.

Thiagarajan said I play a negative role in the film who is a mastermind in politics. The film  Yeman is against a political backdrop and has many twists and turns.  The film Yeman is very powerful and it is one of my favorite of  all the three films I am acting in currently.

He also added, the script of the movie given by Jeeva Sankar was hard-hitting and Vijay Antony performance was very high and sooner will be on the list of top heroes in Kollywood.  The remaining part of the shooting will be completed by June 4.

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He said, I  bought the Hindi remake rights of Naan and from then onwards, I was frequently interacting with Jeeva Shankar and Vijay Antony.  One day, the director came up to me and said about the political character in Yeman and  I thought that I should do it without any second thought.

He said, he was getting many offers, but he was about the characters, there are few subjects which will make me accept the projects immediately. The films which I am acting now currently are of different backgrounds and promising directors, and plays the crucial role in the film.

In addition to Yeman, Thiagarajan will also be seen in two other films and one of film is ready for release and the second one is directed by Padmamagan, who previously directed Ammuvagiya Naan, in these he plays the role of visually challenged person and the entire film is set in Malaysia and the completed the scheduled shoot, says the actor.

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Thiagarajan plays a political role in Yeman
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