Monday , July 23 2018

The talented Miss ‘Hurry’haran

This Sandalwood star is reaping the benefits of her success and has a slew of new projects.

Sruthi Hariharan

It’s rainy ‘films’ for the good-looking actress Sruthi Hariharan with five movies ready to release and three new movies along with the new success of Beautiful Manasugalu. Apart from the untitled project featuring Challenging Star Darshan who is also directing Milana Prakash, Sruthi Hariharan, will be seen in a party-political satire — Humble Politician Nograj as well.

“As an actor, I have had the blessing and chance to be a part of Kannada film that does not stick to the usual conservative topics. We have been investigating even in terms of the varieties. One such film which impulses the wrapper is the political satire Kanglish,” says Sruthi.

The artist exposes that she plays a motivated and clever wife to Roger Narayanan. The movie comically talks about policies with a dissimilar perception. Sruthi is also working together with RJ-turned-actor Danish Sait and Saad Khan.

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“Over the years, I have been viewers to the “improv” they do (a dramatic funniness presentation) but never once make an attempt it as a part of my acting procedure. It requires one to be unstructured, witty and yet recollect the context of the scene. It absolutely is a task for somebody like me who is maybe a pure director’s actor!” Sruthi says.

Urvi, Happy New Year, Arya Mourya (where she stars with Sanchari Vijay), Nibunan/Vismaya (Tamil- Kannada multilingual where she leads the role with Arjun Sarja) and Upendra Matte Baa, are ready for release.

Sruthi is also acting in the film Milana Prakash with Darshan and watching forward to its release. There is the film Tesla (another film with a single lady character — a sci-fi murder mystery in Kannada) that is keeping the lass in film heaven.

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