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The Diwali that changed it everything

Telly artists tell us about important Diwali moments.


On the occasion of Diwali, telly actors says us about improtant Diwali moments — together professional and personal — that lit their lives or improved their outlook.

Saurabh Pandey: My main Diwali moment was when I gave up substance misuse and turned a new leaf. I was addicted to drugs and I realized I want to get my life back on track. So I mustered up the bravery and decided to give up my habit. It was the hardest thing to do. I feel that if we actually want to celebrate Diwali then we have to do it in a traditional way by rejoicing it with our loved ones. So this Diwali I will be visiting my birthplace Delhi and spend the festival with my family.

Gunjan Utreja: An exciting Diwali moment was when I signed Madhubala as the foremost man and got appreciation for the similar. The show turned my life around. This year I am going to work for the period of Diwali, will also host a lot of events and work on my web sequence on the side.

Rashami Desai: The loving Diwali moment was when I purchased my own house, got a pet dog and called him Oreo. It gave me an uncommon sense of happiness and independence. I felt so liberated. This year I am busy making of my new show so I’ll have fun Diwali with the cast and crew, but I will try and spend specific quality time with my close friends too.

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Shivin Narang:  My great Diwali moment was the minute I played a key character in Veera.  The show linked with the classes as well as with the many. It made me a household title and gave my life a 360 degree turn. This Diwali like every year, I am going to Delhi to celebrate with my family and groups. We have taken to have fun a silent Diwali — without crackers for a while now. It’s more about decorating the house and purchasing new clothes and gifts for us.

Shashank Vyas: The biggest Diwali minute was when I hired my first show Balika Vadhu. It made me and my late co-star Pratyusha Bannerjee overnight senses. The show curved my life around in a huge way. It gave me name, celebrity and the whole thing I could dream of. People still recollect the show and the character I played.

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