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That Evening in Ooty: ‘Ooty’culating intrigue

A thriller, a love match, and some selfish urges watch this play which comes packed with all the ingredients of a potboiler!

Scene from the thriller

Murder, blackmail, mayhem and everything else that can go wrong, or goes wrong on That day  Evening in Ooty. Directed and scripted by Avinash Rao, the suspenseful story by Theatre on Bengaluru, potentials to decoy you in with the interesting plot, and keep you on the upper hand of your seat with basics of suspense and wonder, and shadows of thrilling that drive people to do the belongings they do.

The idea of the thriller was a unique one. “The idea grew on an official visit my wife and I took to Chittoor, there her uncle resides. He is a short story author (Telugu) and there I was inspired by him,” he speaks. The story rotates around Sameer and Nandini who have taken previously dated and chance upon each other in Ooty, which transports them back together, in spite of their past.

“Though the story is midpoints around the pair, it also deals with the secreted schedules of the other people around them, their greed and other personal wants which bring about a huge twist and leave you wondering if there is actually a more threatening schedule behindhand Sameer and Nandini reunifying,” discloses Avinash, who has before directed The Fifth Opponent.

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And while most of other productions circle around entertainment and drama, Avinash thinks thrillers carry out a different shadow of extreme in the industry. “It is a vast challenge to build up the uncertainty and keep the viewers glued, and wanting for more,” adds the director.

Keeping the viewers curved, seems like top importance for the crew. And in spite of having not anything in common with his stage personality Sameer, Imran Pasha still found the script incredibly attractive. “Romancing on stage was one of the biggest challenges I faced as I don’t have a girlfriend so it’s quite hard to channelize that trait. And Pooja, who plays Nandini is like my sister!” funs the actor who has been in the industry for around nine years.

So what should the audience come prepared for, we want to know? “An evening of wholesome enjoyable. It’s not going to be a Christopher Nolan or Abbas-Mustan kind of thriller, but a completely different one keeping theater in mind. So I think, the viewers should expect the unexpected and allow themselves to be a part of the character’s lives, throughout the evening,” he says signing off.


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