Thursday , March 21 2019

Telly star Aishwarya make furry friends on set

While Aishwarya has adopted a canine, Niti has been warming up to a parrot huge time.


Artists Aishwarya Sakhuja and Niti Taylor seem like to have found new buddies on the sets of their particular TV shows. While Aishwarya has taken on a canine, Niti has been warming up to a parrot big while.

Aishwarya’s weakness for puppies is well known. So, when she arose across a stray on the sets of her show Trideviyan, she instantly adopted him and named it Gundu. So strong is her bond with her puppy that they have become best friends on the set and can frequently be spotted playing together. Talking about her pup, Aishwarya utters, “Gundu is my favourite on the sets, even though he is notorious but he is a full of fun.

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The minute he spots me, he makes sure that he doesn’t leave me alone and strive for my attention all the while. I always carry his favorite biscuits in my purse. These four-legged furry friends just need our clean love and care.”

In the meantime, Niti’s confidante on the sets of her show Ghulam is the parrot, Bholey. Her feathered friend incidentally also occurs to be her co-star who plays a main role in her on screen character Shivani’s life. “This classic case of actual imitating reel.

In the show this parrot is Shivani’s confidant and a friend and in actual life he is my friend and confidante too. Bholey is extremely friendly and I love to shoot with him. He is my favourite on sets. He is like Siri to me as I can talk all day to him,” smiles Niti speaking about the parrot.

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