Wednesday , March 20 2019

Telangana to use old railway coaches as shelter for homeless in the winters

A representative from the Telangana state’s Urban Development Ministry had stated that it is looking to procure up to ten old coaches from the railways.


Telangana state government has come up with an exceptional idea to solve the shortage of shelters through the winter season.

As per media reports, the southern state is thinking to make use of old railway coaches as a shelter for homeless people through the impending winter season.

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The plan originates after the center had recommended states to employ railway coaches after fitting them with appropriate electricity and sewerage connections as shelters and fit them.

An authorized from the state’s Urban Development Ministry specified that it is looking to get up to ten old coaches from the railways. “We have requested officials to look into the logistics of altering 5 to 10 coaches into shelters,” he was cited saying in the media report.

The official even added that though the coaches will be a transitory solution for the problem, the state government is also looking to bring an eternal solution and is searching for resolutions.

The employment of the railway coaches stresses out the issue of homelessness in urban regions. Millions of Indians are bare without any shelter through winters in Indian metropolises. Even after Supreme Court’s command in 2010 to build housing per one lakh people in over 60 urban centers, the exertions to provide shelter for the homeless have dropped short.

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