Sunday , February 17 2019

Telangana: Temple land grab may get the nod

Telangana has 20,000 temples. Of this, 5,000 temples have prominent belongings.


Hyderabad: After regularizing encroachment of government properties, the Telangana state government seems to have decided to condone the encroachers of the Idol’s land too — albeit for a worth.

The government has formed a five Cabinet member Sub-Committee to prepare plans for the regularization of endowment or temple lands.

Rendering to the basic proposal, the encroachers of holy place land will have to pay a price fixed by the rule to the temple, whose land the encroacher had occupied unlawfully.

Telangana has 20,000 place of worship. Of this, 5,000 temples have prominent properties.

According to state government registers, temples had about 86,000 acres of property in the state. Of this, the temple lands below encroachment are considered to be about 56,000 acres — more than 50 per cent of the total place of worship land. These lands were encroached by the many sections of people, who include both the poor and the rich landowners.

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The temple plots in Hyderabad, which are worthy crores of rupee, were also unlawful occupation.

Rendering to Telangana State endowment minister A Indrakaran Reddy, “The management will take back the endowment lands engaged by the rich persons and hand them over to concerned temple.”

“The property occupied by the poor populaces will be regularized on sum of money to the concerned temple,” he said.

The government will soon take on temple committees. The main job of temple groups will be to identify the properties belonging to the concerned temple and decide how much land was encroached and by whom.

The minister supposed that the Cabinet Sub-Committee will decide the volume that illegal occupants have to pay used for the regularizations. The panel will also finalize its references and would submit them to the government.

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