Tuesday , March 19 2019

Telangana State Medical Council bars 5 doctors

Hyderabad Dr Bhushan from Medical Council had conducted a limb strengthening and reconstruction surgery on Mr Nikhil Reddy in April.

Telangana State Medical Council bars 5 doctors

In a landmark decision Telangana State Medical Council has suspended Dr Chandra Bhushan orthopaedic surgeon at Global Hospitals in Telangana for 2 years for ethical infringement as he done a surgery to upsurge the height of Nikhil Reddy and 6 other doctors as per the report.

Here Dr Bhushan had conducted a limb strengthening and reconstruction surgery on Mr Nikhil Reddy in April. He did not recuperate. Another major choice Dr Namratha of the Srushti Test Tube Baby Centre in KPHB was postponed for 5 years and disqualified for life from leading substitutions.

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A NRI couple from the US with healthy sperm and ovum had applied for having a baby through surrogacy with Srushti Test Tube Centre after which a woman from Visakhapatnam was chosen as the surrogate mother as report given. And she delivered a baby who was handed over to the NRI couple, the couple applied for a US passport for the baby, the authorities did a DNA test and found that it did not match with the maternities. Ensuing this, the parents come up to various legal avenues seeking level-headedness but could not take the baby with them to the United States.

Concerning the suspension of Bhushan Medical Council chairman Doctor Ravindra Reddy said, he was doing the operation for the first time. It is an experimental operation. And how could he do it on a young single person without updating or consulting the parents? What if something had gone wrong and there is also no video or documentary sign to say that the doctor explained the whole thing to the patient before surgical treatment, and he should have at least taken help from some neurosurgeon who had already done the surgery fruitfully.

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