Tuesday , March 26 2019

Telangana State grows fastest in the South

A Recent study by industry body has cheerful news for Telangana state on growth, investments.


Hyderabad: Telangana state has bested all southern states and outpaced the national average in enticing investments, rendering to a report given by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Assocham) on this Thursday.

It stated that the phenomenal development was due to the “investor friendly strategies” of the Telangana state government.

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In 2011-12, the area attracted funds worth Rs 3.30 lakh-crore from domestic and foreign  sources, which left up to Rs 5.90 lakh-crore by 2016-17, the investigation, ‘Telangana: Analysis of economic growth and investment performance’, stated

D.S. Rawat, Assocham national general secretary and Babu Lal Jain, a senior managing committee member had released the summary of the study yesterday.

Telangana State has also outpaced the national average in economic development.

“Telangana State economy grew from 2.7 percent in FY12 to 8.5 percent in FY17. The all-India average growth enlarged from 5.4 percent to 6.6 percent,” the investigation said.

Telangana and the rest

  • 79% TS average growth ratio from financial year (FY) 2012 against the  national average of 27%
  • 3% TS share of overall investments value over Rs 177 lakh crore engrossed by top industrial states in FY17.
  • 5%TS investment growth rate above 3 years from FY15 contrary to the national average of 20.8%
  • 4%Telangana state share for gross value addition (GVA) through India as of FY17.


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