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Telangana Short staffed prisons vulnerable to jailbreaks

Telangana jail has 140 staff of whom 90 to 100 are available for the four daily changes.

Telangana jail has 140 staff of whom 90 to 100 are available for the four daily changes.

Telangana prisons in the state which clues in terms of education greenery and industries are as vulnerable from the security standpoint as the Bhopal Central Prison from where eight Simi activists escaped and killing a head warder, they were subsequently shot dead as report say’s.

Telangana prisons counting the three Central jails at Chanchalguda and Warangal Cherlapally can hold 6848 jailbirds. Here right now they are home to 6102 counting 2360 criminals closely 3000 undertrial and the rest being détentes and women convicts of the total about 600 are recognized as worry makers including 50 with supposed links to the ISI there are Simi and the Indian Mujahideen as per the report.

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Central and district prisons and sub-jails are short of staff, dearth of head warders and other staff is leading to poor care of correctional services application of prison rules and nursing the prisoners three decades agocentral prison now in Cherlapally was situated at Musheerabad on a 5 acre site and at that time and it was certified 150 staff to superintend 500 inmates.

As per the report, it was shifted to the 145 acre Cherlapally site and the intake augmented to 2000 but the number of staff authorized has remained the similar this is leading to major problems like convicts using cellphones and availability of narcotics like ganja with the prisoners, the jail has 140 staff of whom 90 to 100 are existing for the four daily moves, each shift has only 15 to 20 staff from warder to DSP rank representatives. The prisons Singh told this newspaper that the sanctioned posts in all the reformatories was 1700 but there were only 1400 staff employs.

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