Tuesday , March 26 2019

Telangana Open Snooker Championship: Ahmed, Pandurangaiah Voyage

Snooker Championship contestant Pandu sustained his winning run as he conquered K. Srikanth 4-0 59-9, 64-8, 61-9, 69-29.


Hyderabad: Syed Ahmed Hussain and E. Pandurangaiah had won their fourth round matches securely at the Telangana Open Snooker Championship backed by Sreenidhi Educational Group being conducted here.

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Pandu sustained his winning run as he conquered K. Srikanth 4-0 59-9, 64-8, 61-9, 69-29. The champion had enjoyed the lop-sided game as he didn’t let his rival reach duple digits score till the fourth frame.

Pandu had started on full choke. He had kept his opponent at bay to take the initial frame by gale with a 59-9 score. He gave small chance for Srikanth to pick points as Pandu endured his dominance to gain the second frame with a 64-8 judgment followed by 61-9 and 69-29 in the third and final frames correspondingly.

In one more match, Ahmed had sealed a win with comfort 4-0 (61-9, 76-31, 70-33, 42-9) contrary to Mushtaq. The frame notches speak of Ahmed’s supremacy over his rival. Ahmed showed his spirit in the first frame to apply force on Mushtaq and take it at 61-9.

Staying away from the bench for the maximum amount of time, Mushtaq progressively lost self-assurance thereby handing a profit to the winner. There was no looking back for Ahmed as the remaining two frames were engaged 76-31, 70-33 and 42-9.

In the meantime, in a third round game, Tarun Gupta earned a thriller against Rameezuddin 3-2 26-61, 60-12, 48-65, 63-17, 61-3.

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