Thursday , July 19 2018

Telangana: NTR Park to make a way for Ambedkar

125 feet statue of Ambedkar to come up soon at redeveloped NTR Park.


Hyderabad: A sub-committee has planned to all but pull up NTR Garden to make a way for the anticipated Ambedkar Park with a 125-feet statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Rendering to the plan currently, only the NTR Samadhi region will remain on NTR Marg, next to the prevailing Secretariat.

The sub-committee, led by deputy chief minister Kadiyam Srihari, was made to supervise the setting up of the Ambedkar statue and developing park about it.

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At a recent gathering, the sub-committee decided to put up the statue in NTR Garden and to renovate the park which presently has a play zone, eateries, toy train and an amusement area.

Rendering to a senior official who participated in the gathering, the complete NTR Garden area excepting the samadhi will be taken up for the Ambedkar statue and the new park.

The sub-committee has assessed that the cost of the statue will be around Rs 70 crore. It said about one-acre land was necessary for the basement of the 125-foot statue.

A senior administrator said that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority had expended around Rs 170 crore to develop NTR Garden. The Garden is popular with visitors and generates good revenue for the HMDA from ticket sales and deals with commercial outlets inside the party.

Representatives said that the HMDA officials had enquired the sub-committee to take the land required for the Ambedkar Park and leave the remaining for the NTR Garden. The sub-committee sought the entire area.

The officials stated for this complete work the government has to devote around Rs 200 to Rs 250 crore.

Representatives said in the gathering that the concern of Supreme Court prohibiting any construction near water bodies came up the debate. Following this, the sub-committee has stated it would take the Advocate General’s estimation in the concern.

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