Monday , February 18 2019

Telangana minister Harish asks AP to maintain proper levels at Pulichintala

Harish Rao utters the farmers were unsatisfied though they had given their land for the Pulichintala project.

Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Irrigation minister T. Harish Rao has written to his AP counterpart Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao, ask for him to maintain water at the Pulichintala dam at the peak point to save crops raised up by farmers in Telangana state.

Farmers below the coverage area of eight lift irrigation systems in TS are in need of on the backwaters of the dam, Mr. Harish Rao wrote. AP officers have been releasing water from the reservoir for the downstream Krishna delta. This has depleted the liquid level, and the LI missions do not have the water to supply farmers in TS. Farmers had opposed at the dam two days ago and tried to shut off water issue to AP.

Following this, Mr. Harish Rao wrote to the AP minister whispered it would be appropriate if the AP government upheld the maximum draw down the level at Pulichintala dam at 42.670 feet so that the lift irrigation systems do not get affected.

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However, the following water can release, the water is under the MDDL, at 32.77 feet with only 1. 5 TMC ft. capacities. Mr. Harish Rao recorded the eight lift irrigation systems that were affected as Chintalapalem, Buggamadharam, Revuru, Amaravaram, Chotapally, Yerragattu tanda, Chowtapally, and Gurrapodu. These were necessary to supply irrigation water to planters who were resettled after being ousted from their land by the backwaters of the barrier.

In view of this, Mr. Harish Rao wished the AP minister to confirm that the maximum drawdown level is upheld at the dam for the standing crops for additional two to three weeks.

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