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Telangana Land Acquisition Project: The Center Raises New Issues

HYDERABAD: In a move that could delay the completion of irrigation projects in the state, the EU’s Justice Department has raised new questions about the new land acquisition project adopted by the Telangana. Although requests for technical aspects and implementation date have been answered by the Government, the new questions from the Center are all set to delay the adoption.

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The state is steadfast to complete land acquisition for its major irrigation and highway projects by accelerating the process under the new law, which requires the crucial trigger of the Center.

The bill after the authorization of the Ministry of Justice would go to the Ministry of the Interior of the Union which would place him to the position of president for the assent. To leave nothing to chance, the state government sent special secretary BR Meena, who camped for four days in New Delhi to follow the process. The Law on the Right to Equitable Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Telangana Amendment, 2016) was adopted last December and was sent for approval by the President.

Concerning litigation on the part of environmental activists, the Center asked for “additional information” before sending it to the President. Given that the Center has already given assurances that it will be clarified as soon as possible, the government hoped that the Act would be published in the Gazette in the first week of April.

But with repeated requests, this did not happen. “We have given all the information requested by the state government. All relevant departments have been informed of the objectives of the new law and their response is very positive,” BR Meena told TOI. The Ministry of Surface Transportation of the Union, the Ministry of Rural Development, the National Highway Authority of India has also raised several issues about the new land law. “All have responded effectively,” said Meena. With several changes proposed by the Center, the government must re-submit the bill to the assembly for the amendments to be adopted.

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It is only after the amendments incorporated in the final bill that it should be presented to the president, sources said. The TRS government still has to make a decision on convening a special session of assembly to clarify the final land bill. Legal experts also advise the government to take the route of the Ordinance to include the amendments to compensate for the delay. But the final decision will be taken on the advice of the Union law ministry which could raise objections to the route of the ordinance, added the sources.

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Telangana Land Acquisition Project: The Center Raises New Issues
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