Wednesday , April 24 2019

Telangana government to reclaim state national highways in state

Telangana government State Highways, National Highways in cities to be denotified to avoid shifting bars.


Telangana government plans to ask the Centre to denotify stretches of National Highways that pass through cities and towns in the state and it is also considering denotifying stretches of state highways that pass through towns and cities in the state of Telangana. Administrators say that the state government can denotify state highways within cities and towns in the TS. As per report for National highways centre has to denotify such roads on the request of the state govt.

The TS government hopes to fulfil the instruction of the Supreme Court to shift bars and liquor shops now within 500 mtr of highways and these bounces though officially National and state highways and have become part of the cities or towns over the years, and while ring roads or bypass roads have been built to divert highway traffic from entering densely populated parts. Previous, vehicles using National or state highways had to pass through cities and towns on their journey but over time ring roads or bypass roads have been built around almost all important cities and cities.

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When highways these roads have twisted into city or town roads and a senior officer said that once the state governments plans to get the National and state highways within city and town limits turn a realism and the Highest Court order on shifting of bars and liquor shops will not be binding on such roads as they will be treated as local roads in the state and there are 2300 liquor shops and 900 bars in the state as per the official report.

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Telangana government to reclaim state national highways in state
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