Wednesday , March 27 2019

Telangana Government to Present Specially Made Filigree Articles to Ivanka Trump

The 400 years old ancient art is still enduring in the Karimnagar district, Telangana as devoted artisans passed on the heirloom to their next generation.


Hyderabad: The Karimnagar district based filigree items manufacturing entity, Silver Filigree of Karimnagar, has prepared 60 special gifts to be offered to Ivanka Trump and Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, and other VIPs.

The gifts embrace replicas of iconic Charminar, weigh up 4 kilograms and 2.5 feet in height.

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Other objects include Kakatiya dynasty arch, Veena (old-fashioned musical instrument), Peacock and Swan, laterally with several small items.

Talking to CNN-News18, general secretary of SFK, Ashok said, “120 families for the past 2 months toiled day and night to make these gifts. They are completely hand-made items. This is an antique craft, and we are contented that our work will be offered to honored guests. For centuries we have made filigree items for the Nawabs.”

The 400 years old ancient art is still enduring in the Karimnagar district as committed artisans passed on the legacy to their succeeding generation.

What makes Silver Filigree so irreplaceable is the fact that no two works of art are constantly the same. Every single item is a distinct, stylish masterpiece, which is a result of inconceivable craftsmanship and the close responsiveness to detail that goes into making it.

The art has been drawn-out from jewelry to other household articles like tea-trays, ornament vessels, key chains and even cigarette boxes.

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