Tuesday , March 26 2019

Telangana government hospital conditions raise a row

Opposition slams State government on poor maintenance.


Hyderabad: The Opposition slammed the state government on Friday over the shocking state of dealings in government hospitals, primarily in the Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital and the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad city. Governing TRS MLC MS Prabhakar called for stringent act against doctors and other operate at Gandhi who, he supposed, declared a patient Boda Biku of Karimnagar passed on when he was still alive!

The patient, he whispered, is now recovering in a remote hospital. “It’s actually shocking that a being who met with an accident while riding a scooter was confirmed dead by Gandhi Hospital staff. When his relations took the ‘body to his inborn village, he was found alive. He was hurried to a private hospital and he is getting better,” he said. Prabhakar advised health minister Laxma Reddy to take action against the errant surgeons. “The patient is lucky that no post mortem was lead on the request of his families. He would have expired that way,” he said in the legislative meeting.

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Leader of Opposition, M Ranga Reddy, Mohd Ali Shabbir and P Sudhakar Reddy asked the government as to anything action was taken against the doctors and others liable for the blinding of eight people in Sarojini Devi Hospital. Saying that the government was taking all actions to streamline government hospitals, Laxma Reddy held eight patients lost their vision in the failed operations on July 7. “Since the sight in the other eye is regular, they have not lost sight completely. The cause of pollution is due to contaminated ringer lactate solution used for the duration of surgery where in there was a positive culturing of klebsiella bacteria,” he described.

A complaint was gather in a line on August 28 against, MD of Haseeb Pharmaceuticals, Yousuf Badar Nagpur, in the court of VI additional chief metropolitan official, Nampally. To a query by Dr Bhoopathi Reddy, the minister said that 120 out of the 3,554 examples tested were found positive for H1N1 (Influenza A) and eight expiries were stated from January 1 to October 18 this year.

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