Sunday , July 22 2018

Telangana CM KCR Say’s 18.4 crore saplings survived

Telangana CM KCR said the government would plant 10 crore saplings in GHMC and HMDA limits counting the ORR in the monsoon in 2017.


As per the Telangana CM KCR, over 18.4 Cr saplings that were planted as part of the Haritha Haaram programme to advance green cover have been geo-tagged and monitored and Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao demanded in the Assembly on Thursday and he said the survival rate was satisfactory at over 60 per cent as per the reports say’s.

Mr. KCR said, monkeys that were previous living in forests were now progressively invading cities and towns and villages because there was no fruit for them in the forests, with Haritha Haaram state will receive more rains and foremost to more forest shelter. He also mentioned link, this will make monkeys go back to their natural habitat, CM said during a debate in the afforestation drive in the city.

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Telanagana head narrated an incident in Suryapet where villagers bought gray langur with 80000 to chase away monkeys but was itself chased away by a group of monkeys, as he said, TS CM said the monkeys had adopted communism in getting united in Suryapet and known to be a stranglehold of the Left thoughts.

TS CM Mr. Rao said the TS Govt would plant 10 Cr saplings in HMDA and GHMC limits including the ORR in the monsoon next year as per the report and he also said MLAs, MPs and all public legislatures to develop Smirithi Vanams in each village by planting saplings in the name of those who have passed away in a family as per the sources report.

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