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Telangana: Bye Bye Ganesha, See You Next Year

Several departments in Telangana work in accord for about 2 months to arrange a perfect send off.


Hyderabad: The Ganesh immersion has lastly come to end on this Tuesday, without any annoying incident. The number of Ganesh idols immersed has increased to 30 per hour when compared to 12 idols in 2016.

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The police department had kept a watch above all key parade routes over Close Circuit (CC) cameras, while geo-tagging of all Ganesh idols aided traffic police to track them separately.

The tribute for success goes to entire state government agencies, who for a variation worked in the cycle for above two months to make sure that the Ganesh immersion was lead smoothly.

The agencies, who convoluted in this, were law and order police, GHMC, traffic cops, electricity and metro water board.


Talking to this newspaper, commissioner of police of Hyderabad, M. Mahender Reddy stated, “This is an outcome of team work. For a month, all state government agencies functioned in tandem with pandal organizers. We used tools to keep a persistent eye on all Nimajjanam ways. The huge CCTV coverage assisted us to plug each nook and corner. This time we could fetch out idols from all sensitive areas, and speed up the immersion process.”

The police said the immersion was feasible to go on till the late hours and end in the initial hours of Wednesday. Above one lakh immersions had taken place as late at 9 pm on this Tuesday.

The police department had installed ten Avigilon make HD cameras which they had obtained from Canada. Seven cameras were fitted on Tank Bund and one respectively at Basheerbagh junction, Madina, and Charminar. The cameras with PTZ (Pan-Tilt- Zoom) facility can cover a maximum distance of 800 meters and are equipped with facial recognition technology. A senior police officer said that above 32,000 cameras were connected at shops and residences, giving the police real time info.

“We had been employed on this plan for the last two months. Making awareness amid organizers concerning the usage of the new tanks paid off. All Ganesh idols less than 6 feet were immersed in the tanks,” stated a GHMC official posted at the Command Control Centre.

The Hyderabad city police’s initiative of geo-tagging idols assisted the cops to monitor the locations of separate idols in real time. Grounded on the data collected, representatives posted at the CCCs well-versed officers on the ground about route blockings and issued the essential directions.

Police pitched a sigh of relief with the close of the complete procession that was peaceful apart from the delays in the procession routes.

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