Wednesday , July 18 2018

Telangana budget delay breaking student’s dream in UK.

A student is stranded in UK as the cash-strapped minority welfare sector has not released the cash for his scholarship.

A student from Hyderabad is stranded in the United Kingdom as the money strapped Telangana State’s minority welfare department has not released the money for his grant, saying the budget is not yet out.

Hyderabad: A scholar from Hyderabad is stuck in the United Kingdom as the cash-strapped Telangana State’s minority welfare section has not released the money for his grant, saying the budget is not yet ready. Mohammed Haseemuddin joined for a Master’s in Business Management Branch in the UK five months back. As the minorities’ commission is not let out the scholarship funds, he cannot pay his fees and stands at risk of being deported.

A government command of the Telangana government (GO. 24) specifies that a student must pass GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL tests. Mr. Haseemuddin whispered, “In order to study advanced educations I took cash from people and at the present, I have to repay nearly `7 lakh. I took this bold phase only on the basis of the minorities’ scholarship, but I am stuck here as the authorities say that the budget is not yet allotted and it might take time. When I applied for the academy it clearly said that the university does not essential GRE, TOEFL or other exams. They selected me on the basis of my merit marks.”

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He says the request for a scholarship can be occupied only after the scholar lands in the selected country. “If after arrival we face problems, then we can be deported and our whole career will be spoiled.”  Amjadullah Khan held, “There is a big scam in the scholarship sector. The committee formed for allotting the scholarships is favoring students with a political background. A public is made to wait for a longer time. There are also probabilities that he/she may be expelled if the fee is not paid on period”

Omer Jaleel, minorities welfare section secretary said, “Admissions in foreign universities will start in the months of January, February, July, and August. The minorities’ welfare department problems notification around the same period.

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