Wednesday , March 27 2019

Telangana: Above Rs 1,000 crore lost because of massive corruption

Telangana CM, K Chandrasekhar Rao has not ordered a detailed review of the Civil Supplies Department even a single time in the past 3 years.


Hyderabad: The ration subsidy from both the Central and state governments for Rs 1-per-kg rice scheme in Telangana costs to Rs 6,000 crore a year (Rs 3,820 crore from the Central and Rs 2,248 crore from the state), but it is assessed that at least Rs 1,000 crore is being shattered away by immense corruption at numerous levels and never touches the intended beneficiaries.

This is in adding to the deviation of rice to the black market by those who have gained ration cards by unlawful means. There is no estimation of the value of the rice driven into the black market.

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In spite of this vulnerable loot of the public exchequer, the striking fact is that so far, Chief Minister KC R has not ordered a detailed review of the Civil Supplies Department, a main public expenditure section, even single time in the past 3years.

There is also no inspecting of the Civil Supplies Corporation, which has a yearly turnover of Rs 12,000 crore and has a dearth Budget of Rs 9,000 crore ever since 2010.

The Chief Minister has, yet, hired C.V. Anand, a senior IPS officer, to lead all civil supplies-related action. Mr Chandrasekhar Rao has publicly admired him for saving the government exchequer Rs 1,100 crore.

Central government’s Food Security Act was presented after shocking figures emerged regarding child malnutrition – 40 percent of children in our nation are distressing from malnutrition.

The regime gets one kg of rice at about Rs 28 from farmers and rice millers and vends it at Rs 1 to the recipients of the scheme, capitalizing a big amount in what is a worthy reason.

Yet, the inability of governments to check exploitation of the scheme by some sections of beneficiaries, government administrators, and ration shop traders has crushed the good intentions, profited all the wrong people, and wasted taxpayers’ cash.

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