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Telangana: 5-year-old kid plays with matchbox, expires

A lighted matchstick fell on Divya, and her dress caught fire leaving her with burns all over the body.


Hyderabad: The craze of a five-year-old for matchsticks ended in her expiry in Jawaharnagar. A lighted matchstick fell on Divya, and her dress caught fire leaving her with injuries all over the body. She future died in hospital. UKG student K. Divya, 5, and of Noble High School, was the first-born daughter of business couple Kavitha and Govind who migrated from Rajasthan four years ago and settled at Chennapuram. Govind owned a provision store in Jawaharnagar. Kavitha was a housewife.

On Saturday, Govind went to Bengaluru to be present a relative’s wedding and Kavitha and the children were at home. On Sunday after lunch, the elder kid was sleeping and Divya was playing on the balcony with a matchbox. Meanwhile, Kavitha went to a nearby shop to buy milk.

As she returned she heard the younger kid crying. When she rushed inside she found Divya completely burnt and sitting just a few feet away from the bed where the small kid was sleeping.

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Kavitha started shouting. Neighbors ran to the spot and the girl was taken to a private clinic. From there she was moved to Gandhi Hospital where she died on Monday sunset. Police said the kid was playing with the matchbox, and there were a few burnt out matchsticks on the balcony where she was playing. “She suffered about 90 per cent burns.

The dress which she wore was made of nylon and it caught fire instantly. We are checking for further clues,” Jawahar-Nagar SI Md Abdul Hayyum whispered. Police registered a doubtful death case and handed over the body to Divya’s family later post-mortem.

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