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Teju Prakash Belawadi :Three generations come together for one movie

Teju Prakash Belawadi makes her debut with this movie

Teju Prakash Belwadi

Very infrequently does one come to be to see dissimilar generations of a widespread filmi family coming organized onscreen, but this is what cinegoers will be preserved to this week in Idolle Ramayana. The film has three generations of veteran actress Bhargavi Narayan‘s family sharing screen space her, her daughter Sudha Belawadi and her granddaughter Teju Prakash Belwadi, who makes a debut with this movie.

Even though Bhargavi plays Sudha’s mother in the film, Teju, who is Sudha’s niece in actual life (she is actor Prakash Belawadi‘s daughter), will play Sudha’s daughter in reel life. Talking about working with her family, Sudha expressed us; Prakash Raj (Actor-director-producer) is a family friend. I didn’t know that he was cast my mother and niece in the movie when he come up to me to play his wife. I was very happy to work in the film, but it was only well along that he exposed that my mother will be in performance my mother onscreen as well, and that my niece would be acting my daughter. I was very cheerful to hear that.

So, what was it like working with family? The equivalence with my mother was the same as it is off screen, so it was very usual. And it was a countless feeling to work with my niece onscreen. The story is set in a middle class house, so our dialogues were like to the manner we speak at home. It was like a share from real life, she enhances.

Prakash Belawadi is an Indian theater, movie, television and media personality, an activist and a journalist from Bangalore. He co-founded the Centre for Movie and Drama and launched the Suchitra School of Cinema and Dramatic Arts, both in Bangalore.

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