Thursday , February 21 2019

Techie Chases People On Facebook, Arrested

HYDERABAD: Cyberabad’s cyber crime crime police arrested a 26-year-old software engineer to create a fake Facebook profile of his parent and publish his obscene photos on the internet.

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Police arrested N Suresh, a software engineer from Manikonda. For the past year, Suresh has been sending obscene photos and vulgar messages to the victim, also a software engineer. The victim is a distant relative of Suresh. A year ago he had approached her with a marriage proposal, but she took no interest.

“Since then, Suresh has held a grudge against the victim, created a fake Facebook profile on his behalf, and started to upload his obscene photos.”

He began sharing his fake profile photos with friends and family on Facebook “, The Deputy Commissioner of Police (ACP), Cyber ​​Crime, said Jayaram.

The accused also began sending obscene photographs and vulgar text messages to the victim from different SIM cards. “He has obtained several SIM cards by providing false ID proofs,” added the CPA.

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Because of the humiliation, the victim stopped going to the office in the last two months and approached the police. By monitoring the online activity and data of the victim’s cell phone, Cyber ​​Crime police arrested the culprit of his home in Manikonda on Tuesday. He was brought before the court, which brought him to court.

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Techie Chases People On Facebook, Arrested
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