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Tapsee Pannu: Not the quintessential Punjabi girl

Taapsee Pannu tells how she caught into the skin of her role in, her prospects from the picture and more.


Taapsee Pannu is slightly excited about the release of the movie, which is shortly to be renamed. “I am very proud of it,” she speaks. “Dada (Shoojit Sircar, producer) had given me Pink after knowing what I could do in, I can say you without reluctance. The lady in Pink was so different from who I am. My role in this picture, Nimmi, is closest to the person I am in life.”

In what way, we ask her. “Like Nimmi, I am a Punjabi; a Sardarni,” she clarifies. “But I am a little cautious of the way Punjabi men and women are depicted in our movies. They are always lurid, always aggressive, always singing, dancing and blaring. Yes, all this is a share of the average Punjabi’s DNA, but all sardars are not rowdy all the time. A Punjabi lady also has a softer, gentler side. I have shown this in the movie.”

Her main enticement to do was the chance to break away from labels. “The Punjabi girl I play is diverse from what we see. The Bihari man Amit Sadh performs is not the conventional Bihari talking in a singsong voice. Moreover, when Amit was investigating for his role, he met a Bihari gentleman who said him, ‘Bihari is not a language; it’s an attitude’. That one declaration became the source of his role.”

The heroine is all acclaims for her director, Amit Roy. “There were two Amits on the shooting sets,” she giggles. “Amit Sadh and Amit Roy. We didn’t see how to tell them separately. This is Amit Roy’s debut movie, but it doesn’t appear like a first movie. He’s not only directed the movie, he’s also prepared the screenplay and cinematography. So young and so much responsible.”

She had started her career with a light-hearted flick Chashme Buddoor and she’s back to the type after the dark and grey Pink. “In the movie Chashme Buddoor, David Dhawan had previously edited the movie in his mind. He was very strong about what he wanted,” she recalls. “But with Amit, there was a lot to give and take. Moreover, David sir permitted us to create a huge amount. But with his engrossment, I had to think a million times afore making a proposal. With Amit, it was like having a friend on sets.”

The point that she played a role close to her heard appears to have functioned for Taapsee. “I grabbed the liberty of asking for variations in scenes, and kept persistently questioning Amit. He was very supple. He was worried about my accent, but I made it right. We would shoot for 12-13 hours at a given, but I never felt the weight of the extended hours. That’s the soul I want to shoot in.”

Tapsee is self-assured of scoring a post-Pink accomplishment. “Shoojit sir is known to deliver strong content. So, I knew from the start that whatsoever we do will be worth,” she signs off.

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