Tuesday , March 26 2019

Tamil Nadu: German tourist raped near Mahabalipuram while asleep

German tourist raped

Chennai: A 24-year-old German tourist who was sleeping in a wood of casuarinas on the seashore off the East Coast Road in Telugar Thottam in Pattikulam near Mahabalipuram was purportedly raped on Sunday morning.

The woman was part of a group of 3 families currently touring India. The group of 5 had reached Chennai a couple of days back and went to Mahabalipuram on Saturday.

The instance happened when one of the women of the group had moved off in the grove after a long walk on Sunday.

Early reports suggest that the suspicious spotted the German tourist who was sleeping alone in the grove and raped her.  A senior police official stated that though there was more than one man on the scene, only one had sexually attacked her. Of the 3 men, one was wearing shorts and T-shirt while the other 2 only shorts.

The woman managed to escape from the grasps of the men and went back to her group and they contacted the German Embassy in Delhi. The German mission informed the TN police about the incident after which the Kancheepuram police jumped into action.

The rape victim was later taken to woman police station and gave her statement to senior police officials on the instance and details of her tormentors.

A police team also visited the sight of crime to collect evidence and she was sent to a government hospital for a medical test, police revealed.

Police are not sure if some visitors staying in a beach house or fishermen committed the crime. “We have collected some details and zeroed in on a man who was part of group that committed the crime. We will get him by tonight,” a senior police officer stated on Sunday night.

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