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Tamanna: No time for love

Tamanna, as 2016 comes to an end the actress reveals upon the year gone by and tells us how she derides talk about her future.


Having instigated her moviemaking innings in 2005, Tamanna is still going sturdy. With a profession spanning through 4 film industries, the actress considers she has got a lot more to accomplish. She says “There are several people I need to work with and many characters I haven’t performed so far. I haven’t been share of a biopic or completed a dance-based movie. The list goes on.”

So has the tactic of selecting roles altered with time, particularly as she wants to do a lot more work? “Now that I have functioned with a lot of individuals and related with a wide range of movies, I am trying to select films with good content regardless of star presence. I wish to experiment myself at each level. I think it carries out the best in you,” clarifies the heroine, who had a jam-packed 2016 with Dharma Durai (Tamil), Oopiri, and Abhinetri, separately from her exceptional appearances in Speedunnodu and Jaguar.

Enlarging on her choice of characters, she cites the instance of her new movies. “I would say it has been an enormously nourishing year for me, workwise. There have been such assortment of roles and having so much possibility to perform marks me feel very virtuous,” says Tamanna, saying, “Though I got to play two shades of roles in Abhinetri, Dharma Durai saw me as a medic working in a country setup. Oopiri was an expressive drama and a bilingual movie. I have not done any movie which looks like the other in any way.”

Having functioned on a bilingual and even trilingual, will Tamannaah do more multi-linguals? “I would say no. Though I wouldn’t mind bilinguals, a trilingual is somewhat I don’t want to again. It truly stresses out. Though emoting every sequence in three diverse languages is one thing, it is the dance which makes it all harder. Getting the same emotion right numerous times is tough. The procedure can be physically active,” she clarifies.

Tamannaah has completed 50 movies already, even if you count the multi-linguals as single movie each. She never realized how it all occurred. “I am not certainly a planner and never discerned what was in store for me. I don’t like to speak about the future since nothing is sure. But time actually does fly fast and here I am today. I am working every day and want to keep going for as long as it is likely.” Ask her if she has got time for love? She retorts, “I can’t do several things altogether. Currently, I am only having time for my work and not anything else.”


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Tamanna: No time for love
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