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Talwars won’t get over the pain of losing Aarushi, says family

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar were guiltless by Allahabad HC for the slaughter of their daughter Aarushi and domestic aide Hemraj.


New Delhi: Nupur and Rajesh Talwar won’t get over the pain of losing their daughter, but will try maximum and get back to a usual life, Dinesh Talwar stated, on this Monday.

Rajesh Talwar’s brother stated that the dentist pair, who paced out of Dasna Jail in Ghaziabad on this Monday after 4 years behind bars, was in no position to talk to the media.

“The agony of losing Aarushi can never go left and the heartache over her loss, which was everywhere bottled up, will currently come to the fore. They are not in a situation to talk,” he stated.

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The couple was blameless by the Allahabad High Court on October 12 after they were sentenced in 2013 by a lower court for the slaughter of their daughter Aarushi and domestic aide Hemraj.

The police accompanied the Talwars to Aarushi’s maternal grandparents’ household in Noida’s Jalvayu Vihar. The Talwars lived in alternative flat — where the dual murder took place in 2008 — in the same housing multipart.

While speaking to the media in Noida, Dinesh Talwar implied at media reports that connected Aarushi with Hemraj, and stated they were not “remorseful”.

“Aarushi and Hemraj’s names were allied in this story. It was not only her parents who had been branded mortified but it was also Aarushi who was meted out the similar treatment. Also, Hemraj was alleged guilty. At this point, we can say none of them was guilty,” he stated.

In the past four years, the family had controlled their feelings since they had to fight the battle in the “pursuit of truth”, he said.

“We fail to recall everything else and our intention was to clear Aarushi’s name. The day Rajesh was sentenced, he told me, ‘I will combat this battle for Aarushi till my last breath’. He did not express that he sought to come out of jail. He wanted to clear his daughter’s name,” Dinesh Talwar stated.

He even requested the media to esteem the couple’s privacy and let them get back to a life of normality. As the Talwars moved out of jail at 4.45pm on Monday, the media had been following them.

“They are not in a place where we can say that they are usual. They are not also in a condition to immerse in the fact that they are now home. It will take a certain time for them to record this,” he said, saying that it had been “passionately draining” for them.

He stated he would do everything to care his brother and sister-in-law while adding that the agony of losing Aarushi would never go.

“Please give them a certain time to get back to a usual life,” he said.

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