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Tahsildar offers free classes for government job aspirants.

Tahsildar K Marimuthu has helped over 3,000 people to crack the test for government jobs

Tahsildar Marimuthu at one of his classes

When C Ramamoorthy, a herdsman who was grazing cows at Virudhunagar district collectorate in 2010, was asked by K Marimuthu, tahsildar to join his coaching class there, little did he know that it would be his life changing moment. He had completed Intermediate but never knew that he was qualified enough to become a VAO. He attended a day’s class at the free coaching centre. From there on, there was no looking back for him and he went on to become village administrative officer in a matter of a few months.

“I did not realize my potential. After appearing for just one class I was highly motivated and started preparing for government jobs. Within a few months I got some offers and I chose to become a VAO,” says Ramamoorthy. Though, the hero of the story is K Marimuthu, 50, the tahsildar who has facilitated hundreds of people working in cracker units and mills to crack the exams for government jobs. He commits the weekend to take free coaching classes for a large number of candidates who gather at the revenue officials association building in the collectorate campus. People from even Chennai also attended the class.

K Marimuthu began coaching free of cost 10 years ago eager to bring about a change in the society. He states that he has helped more than 3,000 people in landing government jobs among whom 300 are working on Virudhunagar district collector office campus itself. Competitive exams for government jobs consist of questions from science, history, mathematics, Tamil and general knowledge, English grammar as well as aptitude. It is his astonishing memory power that has helped K Marimuthu turn into a distinct teacher. He states he remembers his subjects learnt during school days intensely. “Needless to say that one has to update regularly when it comes to teaching. I spend every morning and night to prepare. When I read a subject I would want to know things in and out that makes the difference as a teacher,” he stated.

K Marimuthu frequently used to talk about the powers bestowed with government officials to inspire his students. He tells the students that being an officer is a matter of pride and everyone should work hard to become the one. “His classes would be appealing because of the way he talks and motivates. He keeps contending on jotting down important points so that they get disclosed in the mind. The first few minutes are dedicated to motivation which will keep you focused on preparations for the next one week,” stated Sankara Lakshmi from Sivakasi who recently joined government service after cracking group 2 exams.

An enormous 2,000 people across the state attend the 2 days’ classes on Saturday and Sunday and he manages to keep everyone focused. “The most important aspect while coaching is keeping them attentive,” he states. There would be a PhD student sitting next to a class 10 pass. The skill was in taking 2 extremes along.

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