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Demonetisation Anniversary: Narendra Modi thanks 125 crore Indians for support


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted, ‘125 crore Indians fought a crucial battle and WON.’ New Delhi: On the 1st anniversary of demonetization, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this Wednesday has taken to Twitter to share the ‘success’ of note ban. “I bow to the India people for ...

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Majority Collectors Do Not Twitter, Their Handle Idle


HYDERABAD: This is not an imposter, D Krishna Bhaskar was to say Monday to a curious citizen, Bharath Reddy. Reddy found the district collector Rajanna Sircilla on Twitter, and also active. “Are you Krishna Bhaskar, IAS garu,” said Bharat Reddy, to whom the collector replied with a smiley, saying he ...

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Polish Model Regrets on “False News” about her Bonding with Hrithik


  Polish Model and actress Angela Krislinzki apologises on misleading information that she shares a Bonding with Bollywood Actor Hrithik.  Angela Krislinzki, a Polish model and actress, is gaining popularity with her statements. Recently in an interview to a newspaper, She revealed that he has a special bonding with Bollywood ...

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Google Play Store adds a new ‘Free app of the week’ section

Google Play Store

Google Play store includes a new section ‘Free app of the week’ which highlights the weekly offers on popular apps. In the recent weeks, Google Play store has made a lot of new features including the one which allowed Programmers to display sales on their applications. The plays store also includes ...

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Twitter adds lacrosse to its live-streamed sports roster


Twitter today proclaimed one more content partnership to fetch extra live-streamed sports to its social network, with the National Lacrosse League. But clearly not as known as the NFL, with which Twitter had associated a deal past year, lacrosse signifies a chance for Twitter to form a network of sports ...

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Ram Gopal Varma hit hard on social media for insulting women


Ram Gopal Varma had chosen International Women’s Day, March 8th, to depreciate the accomplishments of women. Visakhapatnam: Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma chose International Women’s Day, March 8, to belittle the achievements of women, rendering to the salvo of acidic attacks against him on social media. He tweeted, ‘I wish all ...

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Microsoft is Closing its Little Known Social Network


Microsoft is closing the social network , which is hardly used since its launch. The much for-gotten Microsoft’s social network project, is closing down at Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs division., as it is called, was launched in late 2011, where the objective was “collaborative consumption, not communication.” Initially ...

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Hollywood takes on US president Trump at Oscars 2017


Hollywood actor Kimmel had said that “We don’t distinguish between people based on their nations.” Hollywood grabbed the global platform of the Oscars on 27th Feb-2017 to take on Donald Trump, but actors kept the tone light and comprehensive after the President’s disruptive debut. With Trump well-known for his angry ...

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Twitter Vends Fabric to Google, Plus Top Tech Acquisitions, More News, Funding


Twitter this week uncontrolled all plans of becoming an ecosystem with the sale of its group of developer products, including its developer suite Fabric. That’s the assumption from Richard Windsor, an analyst at Edison Investment Research, who stated the sale makes Twitter only dependent on engagement around media ingesting. “The ...

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