Thursday , March 23 2017

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Police Fight for Knife Hunt in New Year Slayings


The Turkish police fought on Sunday to find a shooter who attacked the New Year’s Eve party in a popular nightclub in Istanbul, killing at least 39 people, most of them foreigners. Almost 70 others were injured. The attacker, armed with a long-barreled weapon, killed a policeman and a civilian ...

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A Video of the Islamic State Shows that Two Turkish Soldiers were “Burned Alive”

islamic state

The jihadist group of the Islamic State (IS) has published a video supposed to show that two Turkish soldiers captured were burned alive. The video, showing two men in uniform transported from a cage before being tied and burned, was posted on jihadist websites. The 19-minute images were reportedly taken ...

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Syria: Aleppo Residents, Rebel Fighters to Evacuate under Ceasefire Agreement

aleppo syria

Civilians and rebel fighters were to begin evacuating Syria Aleppo “within hours” as part of an agreement reached Tuesday that would end years of opposition resistance in the city. The rebel officials, Russia and Turkey have confirmed the agreement which, if implemented, will mark a major victory of President Bashar ...

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Obama “Not Optimistic” on Syria as Aleppo Hit

obama AFP

DAMASCUS: US President Barack Obama said he was “not optimistic” about the future of Syria because the UN warned that the time would pass to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo that was Beaten for nearly a week. Government forces launched a fierce attack on Tuesday to recover eastern Aleppo, ...

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Hospitals under ‘unprecedented’ attack in war zones: MSF


The MSF spoke out as guilt grew over the bombing of hospitals in the dissident-held east of the Syrian city of Aleppo Kabul: Medical charity Doctors without Borders (MSF) Médecins Sans Frontières has hit out at the “unparalleled” number of assaults on medical amenities in Syria and Yemen, a year after ...

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