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Russia blocks United Nations from condemning Syrian chemical attack

Russia BLOCKS United Nations from condemning Syrian chemical attack

Russia vetoes UN resolution to condemn Syria chemical attack On Wednesday Russia has verboten a U.N. resolution which would have condemned the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria and commanded a speedy investigation that triggers the clashes between Moscow and the measure’s Western backers. Vladimir Safronkov, the Russia’s U.N. ...

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China plans to build 1,000km pipeline to pump water from Russian lake


China to build a 1,000-kilometer pipeline connecting the drought-hit city of Lanzhou to Russia’s Lake Baikal, this project will help to pump water to Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province which experienced just 380 millimetres of rain last year. China is reportedly considering building a 1,000-kilometer pipeline linking the drought-hit ...

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Murder of the Russian Ambassador to Ankara, intended to spoil relations Russia-Turkey

russian ambassador andrei karlov

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin said the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Ankara is intended to spoil the ties between Russia and Turkey. Putin said the murder of Andrey Karlov in the Turkish capital was also intended to derail Moscow’s attempts to find, with Iran and Turkey, a solution ...

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France Flogs Russia on Syria; Aleppo Calls for EU Aid


BRUSSELS: France President François Hollande on Thursday accused Russia of not keeping its promises in Syria, while a local leader of the Syrian city of Aleppo called on Europe to send observers to ensure Security of evacuated civilians. “I am constantly talking to Russia, and Russia is making commitments that ...

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Syria: Aleppo Residents, Rebel Fighters to Evacuate under Ceasefire Agreement

aleppo syria

Civilians and rebel fighters were to begin evacuating Syria Aleppo “within hours” as part of an agreement reached Tuesday that would end years of opposition resistance in the city. The rebel officials, Russia and Turkey have confirmed the agreement which, if implemented, will mark a major victory of President Bashar ...

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Donald Trump chooses Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

As leader of Exxon Mobil, he maintained close ties with Russia and was awarded by Putin with the Order of Friendship in 2013. US President-elect Donald Trump chose Exxon Mobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson to head the State Department, rejecting concerns over the close relations of the businessman with Russia. Trump’s ...

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Clinton accuses Russia of meddling with US voting


Clinton implied that an adversarial foreign influence is actively trying to chosen her Republican opposing Donald Trump. Washington: Independent presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday expressed serious concern about Russia’s apparent interfering with the US election, implying that an adversarial foreign power is actively trying to select her Republican rival ...

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