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Suicide bomber blows himself up near Dhaka airport, ISIS claims by us


He blew the explosives tied to his waist at a police outpost at the Dhaka International Airport. Dhaka: A suicide bomber on Saturday blustered himself up at the international airport in Dhaka in an attack claimed by ISIS terrorist group, a week after a similar attack on a camp of ...

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Chennai: 4 college students under intelligence scanner for ISIS links


  Chennai: The custodial interrogation of an ISIS sympathiserr from the Chennai city had revealed the role of at least 14 others being involved in the Chennai module; of them 4 could be college students. The suspect Mohamed Iqbal (32) was planning to take the Schengen route to join the ...

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ISIS module made bombs using chikki and talcum in Hyderabad


ISIS also used code words desktop and training desktop for guns and arms-training correspondingly. The Hyderabad ISIS module had been using code words like chawal pakana for explosive manufacturing and words Chikki and talcum powder and maggi for the various ingredients of explosives and national investigation Activity sleuths have in ...

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Syrian Alliance Backed By The U.S Declares An Attack Against The Islamic State

syrian democratic forces

Raqqa is the Syrian stronghold of the Islamic state, where the militant group conducts training camps and conducts operations. An alliance backed by the United States of Syrian armed groups launched an operation to retake the town of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, ...

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In A Video Message The Head Of Baghdadi ISIS Expressed His Confidence

ISIS leader abu bakr al baghdadi

In a video message, the Head of Baghdadi ISIS expressed his confidence in the victory of the Battle of Mosul. The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, called suicidal fighters of the group to “transform the nights of believers in days, wreaking havoc in their country and make their blood ...

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Satellite images show devastation in Aleppo: Amnesty


UNITED NATIONS, United States: Amnesty International publicized new satellite images on Wednesday showing that more than 110 locations were hit in 2 weeks of bombing raids in Syria’s battleground city of Aleppo. The rights group stated there was evidence that Russian-made cluster munitions, which are banned under global conventions, had ...

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Virginia man pleads guilty for trying to help ISIS group


Alexandria: A northern Virginia man appealed guilty for trying to help the ISIS group after a sting operation caught him buying gift cards and recording potential landmarks in the DC province as targets. Haris Qamar, 26, of Burke, appealed guilty in US District Court in Alexandria to a single count ...

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Why fall of ISIS could be bad news for US


US is likely to face a higher risk of ISIS motivated attacks over the next 2 years as the group loses land in the Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts: The US is likely to face a higher risk of ISIS motivated attacks over the next 2 years as the group loses ...

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