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Indian National Anthem was Posted on Pakistan Govt Website


The hacker had posted the Indian national anthem and Independence Day greetings on Pakistan’s Government official website. The Pakistan government official website was purportedly hacked on 3rd August concisely by mysterious hackers who had posted the Indian national anthem and Independence Day greetings on the website page. The website named ...

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update to include Many Unique Features


Microsoft Windows 10 recent Update to include new features including 3D Gaming, drawing tools and tools to improve your web browser.    On April 11, Microsoft Windows 10 Users are going to be wowed by its recent update which offers 3D Gaming, drawing tools, game-broadcasting capabilities and facilities to redefine your web ...

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Google just made the internet a little more frictionless.


A new service “Invisible reCAPTCHA” was launched by Google to make the Internet a happier place. The Search engine giant Google launched an “Invisible reCAPTCHA,” a service that works in the background as a gatekeeper without a human having to do anything. “Powering these advances is a combination of advanced risk ...

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Google to Partner NetEase to Launch Censored Google Play Store in China


Google appears to rebuild its presence in China and it has allegedly partnered with NetEase. In the month of November 2015, Google was stated to launch the Google Play store in China as 2016 ends; yet that didn’t occur and the reasons are unknown. Currently, a fresh report carries back ...

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Microsoft closes the year with major security updates for its products


With 2016 almost coming to an end its departure, Microsoft released their one last ‘Patch Tuesday‘ update for the year. This update has by far the maximum number of security updates released in a single patch. It features 6 critical patches, with the remaining 6 rated as important. It covered ...

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China approves law to tighten control on internet use


China’s legislature ratified a cyber-security law on Monday that human rights protesters warn will constrict political panels and foreign companies say may hinder access to Chinese technology marketplaces. For More News on Internet Click Here Chinese legislature authorities say the law is essential to stop crime and terrorism. It also ...

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Internet must have link with local languages


Internet language cannot be English and English alone. It needs to have linkages with the local and local depicts local languages. Hyderabad: Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for electronics and information technology on Saturday enticed to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to accelerate the procedure for ...

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Passwords have a Dopey Equal in Things on the Internet


The much-aspersed passwords have an equally dopey digital neighbor in Things on the Internet. What could perhaps go erroneous with throngs of strictly challenged users struggling susceptible digital cameras into the internet then retiring to their home-based theater too lookout junior toss and go in his sleep, and plan a ...

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Cyber-Criminals might doom Internet Freedom and Other notable Comments


Internet had given us so many advantages and there are many things to consider securing your personal data.   From the right: Battle of the Sexes Would Hillary Clinton’s voting as president guide in an era of gender coherence? If Barack Obama’s premiership is any guide, Eric Felton minutes in The ...

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Digital Detox-Millions Are Trying To Stay Away from Internet


Digital Detox means, the study found 34 percent of internet consumers have taken a month away from the internet. Digital Detox-Some Millions of persons have vexed to move off from the internet in what has been named as Digital Detox when feeling burdened by the internet, a fresh UK study ...

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